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ENG 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies

Fall 2018

Literary Criticism and Theory

New Literary History 
"New Literary History focuses on questions of theory, method, interpretation, and literary history. Rather than espousing a single ideology or intellectual framework, it canvasses a wide range of scholarly concerns. By examining the bases of criticism, the journal provokes debate on the relations between literary and cultural texts and present needs." Retrieved from site 9/30/2018


Years Work in Critical and Cultural Theory (1991- )  
"The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory is a companion volume to The Year’s Work in English Studies . It provides a narrative bibliography of published work, recording significant debates and issues of interest across a broad range of research in the humanities and social sciences. As the fields of critical and cultural studies shift, so the range and scope of the journal alters, and current volumes include chapters on Disability Studies, Digital Humanities, and Animal Studies. The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory functions as a bibliographical tool of practical use to scholars and students alike, as well as a lively collaboration with contemporary debates." Retrieved from site 9/30/2018

  • Years Work in Critical and Cultural Theory is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography 
  • Chapters can be Interlibrary loan requests. 


What to search for

1. Handbooks, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

2. Annals

3. Bibliographies of Bibliographies

4. Guides to Primary Works

3. Guides to Scholarship and Criticism
       Surveys of Research
       Serial bibliographies
(MLA International Bibliography is an example)


    Dissertations and Theses

    Review Indexes

     Related topics



Biographical Dictionaries