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ENG 232/234: Global Literature: Classes

English 232 Dr. Murphy Spring 2017

Steps in the Research Process

General Exploration of topic


  1. Encyclopedias in the Reference Collection (print and online)
  2. Books in the library or use Interlibrary loan to obtain books and/or articles from another library for free

Use Serious Scholarly Sources 

  1. Library Databases
  2. Government sites 
    1. Use Google and limit search to .gov
      Example : Vietnam war

​      3. Digital archive sites
                 1. Add the terms digital archive to your search 
                     Example: Vietnam war and digital archive
                     Example: Bonus Army and digital archive



Your Librarian

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Library Databases for scholarly and reliable research

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ENG 232 Assignments

  • Group agrees on a general place and time to explore;
  • Outline the nature of the violence that gave rise to this movement;
  • Look at the life, words and actions of an individual or group of people who were instrumental in confronting that violence;
  • Assess the relative success or failure of the movement in the short or long term;
  • Find a flash point in the struggle;
  • Did a major work of art arise from the conflict?
  • Research a geographical location deeply involved in the movement;
  • Research any other aspect of the larger dynamic you’d like to explore.

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