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Interlibrary Loan

There are Two Ways to Request Materials

You can request materials by:

  1. Going directly through your ILL Account--where you manually fill out the form. (Directions)

  2. Researching in WorldCat or WorldCat Local--if the materials are not available then you can select the Request item through Interlibrary Loan button (Directions) 

See the guides below for more details on how to request material with the citation in hand, or through WorldCat and WorldCat Local.  There is also a quick review of "How to Read a Citation" at the bottom of this page. 

If you still have trouble requesting material, please contact:

Requesting Material through ILL Account

When you are working with a Bibliography, Reference page, or Works Cited page, or working within a database that does not automatically fill in the request forms for you, you'll need to make a New Request through your ILL Account.  Simply click create a request on the main page and choose the request type. There are 3 request types. Artilce, Book, or Other. Article is for a scan of an article, book chapter or archive material that can be digitally sent. Book is for physical copies of books etc. Other is for audiovisual materials like CDs, DVDs, or audiobooks etc.  Fill out the form, and click SUBMIT. 

Below is a screen shot of ILL Main Menu where you will find the request forms:  


Requesting Materials through WorldCat or WorldCat Local

ILL makes it easy to request materials while you research. While searching WorldCat or WorldCat Local, all you have to do is click Request Item through Interlibrary Loan . After you provide your username and password, the ILL request form will fill in automatically!  Click SUMBIT and carry on with your research. 


The item information will be automatically filled out for you.  All that's left to do is click SUMBIT and go on with your research.   

Quick Review: How to Read a Citation

For ILL requests, the most important information for any request are: TITLES, AUTHORS, and PAGE NUMBERS, and VOLUME and ISSUE numbers for Journals.  Not all citations are of the same style; some are written in APA-style, MLA-style, or Chicago-style, to name a few. 

If you study the differences in the citations below, you'll see some similarities.  For example: the Volume and Issue numbers always come after the title of the journal (and in that order: Volume, followed by the Issue), and the Publication Date is in parenthesis.

Periodically the APA, MLA, and Chicago Style, etc. will revise how they format their citations (which affects how you format your References and Works Cited pages), but you should always be able to recognise the elements when you are filling out ILL requests.  

Here is an APA-style Citation:

Here is a MLA-style Citation:

Here is a Chicago-style Citation: