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Finding FCS Articles

The following databases are useful for locating articles in FCS:

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How do I recognize Research Articles?

The following characteristics will help you identify Research Articles:

Authors:  The articles are written by scholars and researchers in a specific field.  The author(s) name appears at the beginning or end of the article. The author(s)’ credentials are often included.

Audience:  Articles are written in technical and scholarly language understood by researchers, professionals, and students in that field.

Sources:  Articles always includes a bibliography (a list of sources or citations).

Topics:  Articles focus on academic study and research in the field.

Content:  The articles generally have a serious look. They often contain results of experiments—graphs, charts and photographs. There are few or no ads.

Peer Review:  Research articles are usually submitted for peer review.

Indexing:  The articles can be found in subject-specialized indexes and databases. Eg.: PsycInfo, ERIC, PubMed, etc.

Examples of Journals:  Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, Journal of Educational Research, American Journal of Sociology,  Cognitive Development, etc.