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EXNS 483 Nutrition Care Process I


To search for evidence based information, you first need to develop a well formed clinical question. It is recommended that you use the PICO concept to help you do this.


Patient (population or problem) - Who or what are you studying?

What main intervention are you considering? What do you want to do with this patient?

What are you measuring this intervention against? If any. 

What are you trying to accomplish, measure, improve or affect?

PICO Linguist

PICO Linguist
Pico (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome) Linguist is a multi-language tool for searching NLM's MEDLINE/PubMed. 

It uses PICO’s interface, which has a fill-in-the-blank interface for specifying a condition or disease, a single intervention or treatment, multiple interventions or treatments that are to be compared (optional), and an outcome (also optional), plus a dropdown menu for selecting publication type from among clinical trial, meta-analysis, randomized controlled trial, systematic reviews, reviews, and practice guideline or, if none is specific, any of the above.

  • Queries can be submitted as single terms or complex phrases in one of the languages listed below.
  • The search interface changes to allow search terms to be entered in the chosen language.
  • Results are MEDLINE/PubMed citations published in any one or more of the listed languages, as specified by the user.
  • Links to full-text articles, if available for free, are included in the search results.