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Welcome to the FCS 451 Research Guide!

This Research Guide has been created to support your work in FCS 451.  Ms. Lowe or any of the librarians will be happy to help you as you locate research articles and write a literature review for your paper!  The assignment is linked here:

Literature Review

literature review requires the writer to perform extensive research on published work in a field in order to explain how one’s own work fits into the larger conversation on a particular topic. This task requires the writer to spend time reading, managing, and conveying information.

Because literature reviews convey lots of information in a condensed space, it is crucial to organize your review in a way that helps readers make sense of the studies you are reporting on. Two common approaches to literature reviews are chronological—ordering studies from oldest to most recent—and topical—grouping studies by subject or theme.  Questions to consider:

  1. Is the literature review organized in a way to help the reader understand your logic?
  2. Are you drawing clear connections to the reviewed literature and your topic?
  3. Do you cover the most important areas of research related to your topic?
  4. Are you pointing out areas that have not yet been researched or have been researched insufficiently?
  5. Do you use transitions and summaries to move from one study to the next?
  6. By the end of the literature review, is it clear why your research is necessary?

Borrowed and edited from Purdue OWL.

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