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MC 360 Mass Communication Theory and Media Effects: Start Your Research

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Doing Research on Media Effects

The purpose of this Library Research Guide is to help you navigate appropriate library databases to locate and cite media effects research articles, in order to complete these 2 assignments for your MC 360 class:

  1. Research Article Extended Abstract: You will summarize and critique a research article from a recent (past four years) issue of an academic research journal that presents original research on mass communication. The article should relate to a theory discussed in class.
  2. Media Analysis (original research): You will demonstrate an understanding of how the media disseminates messages related to race/gender.  As a part of this assignment, you will locate information about a media effects theory, as well as research articles that show how this theory has been applied. 

Theories and Themes

The following theories and themes from your class may be useful to bear in mind as you test out database searches:

  • Social cognitive and modeling theories
  • Agenda setting theory
  • Framing theory
  • Uses and gratification theory
  • Cultivation theory
  • Spiral of silence theory
  • Effects of media violence / fright
  • Effects of sexual and educational content
  • Effects of race & gender privilege / stereotyping
  • Effects of online media and the Internet
  • Effects of gender portrayals

Need more information on these theories?

Try searching Credo Reference, particularly the
titles related to Media & Communications

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