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Open Educational Resources (OER): UM Savings

Fall 2018 Savings


In Fall 2018, a number of UM faculty adopted Open Educational Resources for their classes.  The UM Bookstore collaborated with faculty to offer the option for students to purchase print copies of the OER.  Potential savings shown in the table below reflect the price difference between buying a new book that was previously used in the course, using the OER in its free online version, or purchasing a new print copy of the OER from the bookstore (less expensive used copies were also available).


Class OER Book # of students in OER sections Cost of previous book
if purchased new*
Potential savings using OER online Cost of new print OER at UM Bookstore   __Potential savings using new print OER
BIO 100 OpenStax 29 $156.57 $4,540.53 $26.50 $3,772.03
ENG 101 Lardbucket 398 $72.30 $28,775.40 $57.50 $5,890.40
MATH 131 32 $333.00 $10,656.00 $28.30 $9,750.40
MATH 144 OpenStax 20 $300.00 $6,000.00 $58.00 $4,840.00
MK 453 USF website 24     $17.85  
MG 361 Lumen 57 $330.00 $18,810.00 $31.75 $17,000.25
MG 466 Saylor +          
  OpenTextbooks 16        
MG 469 Saylor 29        
MG 500 Saylor 15        
PHYS 201 OpenStax 43 $274.00 $11,782.00 $44.35 $9,874.95
PHYS 241 OpenStax 9 $190 $1,710.00 $44.35 $1,310.85
TOTALS       $82,273.93   $52,438.88
*For BIO 100 and ENG 101, this is the average price of texts used by multiple instructors    


Would you like more information about OER?

Carmichael Library can help you locate more information about OER, including where to find relevant resources
and how to evaluate them.  Contact Charlotte Ford (by email or at 205-665-6100) or any of the other librarians at UM.  






  The UM Bookstore is committed to helping faculty find and use OER that will work for them.
  Barnes and Noble Courseware has been developed to support OER in various classes across disciplines. 
  Contact Ben Varner for more information (via email or by phone at 205-665-6575).