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Links to Swank Films

Please note if you would like to directly link to a film, the Share, Direct Link function does not work for off-campus viewing. So, to add a link to a film in Canvas, you can 

1. Use the Swank Films link provided below and found in the Database listing on the library website. This will provide on campus and remote access to UMs Swank Films collection. Once there, students can search or browse for the film.


2. Modify the link that you get when you click Share, and select Direct Link so that it will work on and off campus. Refer to the example below to learn how.

Example: Here is the direct link for the film Bully

However, this link will only work on campus. So, it is recommended that you copy and modify the link as shown below. Simply replace the areas highlighted in grey with the with those highlighted in yellow. The rest of the link remains the same.

Unmodified link (works only on campus):

Modified link (works on and off campus):

*Librarians can also assist with modifying the link. Just give us a call or email, and we will be happy to assist.