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A Note about Embedding

While you can link and embed Films on Demand and Alexander Street videos in Canvas, embedding has some advantages over linking.

  • When you embed a video, it displays directly on a Canvas page, just like a YouTube video does.
  • Videos embedded through the external tools feature in Canvas do not require an additional log-in. The access is authenticated when the student logs into Canvas.

An important note about embedding:

Embeds will only work when they are initiated through the Canvas external tool feature. This page includes print and video instructions for this process. Copying the embed code directly from the databases and pasting it into Canvas will not work.

New! Canvas Integrations with Films on Demand and Alexander Street

We are excited to announce that Films on Demand  and Alexander Street are now integrated with Canvas. Our Films on Demand collection includes over 40,000 videos and covers a wide variety of disciplines. And, we currently subscribe Counseling and Therapy in Video collections by Alexander Street, providing access to over 70,000 streaming videos. And, now you can search, select, and embed these videos from within Canvas. Plus, your students will be able to view them without an additional log-in. All they have to do is click play, just like they do for a YouTube video. Below, you can access instructions in pdf or video format. 

Embedding a Films on Demand Segment

Step 1: In the Films on Demand database

Many Films on Demand videos are broken down into segments. Because the Films on Demand search in Canvas does not show the segments, you can search first in the Films on Demand database. The segments are listed in the right panel next to the video. Copy the title from the panel and paste into your search within Canvas.

Step 2: In Canvas

Next, go back to Canvas bring up the Films on Demand search screen. Then paste the title in the search screen. In this example, the title is "Elliott Hundley". Searching by this title brings up that segment. Then, click the Embed button.