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Off-campus access to databases

Some of the sources in this guide are freely available through the Internet.  Others will prompt you for a login.  Use your UM user ID and password to access these resources. (Hint: Use the same username and password you use to login to Canvas.)

EBSCO eBooks

The library has access to over 200,000 eBooks through Ebsco eBooks.

You can find EBSCO ebooks by using  

Learn more about reading EBSCO ebooks online or via download below

Using the Online Reader

Image of Ebsco Ebook Search Result

To read a book online, click the PDF Full Text button (circled in green).

You have now accessed the online reader for this ebook. Notice the permissions section circled in green that let you know that the library has unlimited access, meaning the book can be accessed simultaneously by an unlimited number of users. This means that the best option may to be read online and not check it out by downloading to a device or computer. Because we have unlimited access to this book, you never have to worry about it not being available to read online.

This left panel (highlighted in green) features a clickable Table of Contents. From there you can go to specific sections by clicking on the titles.

Downloading Pages/Chapters and Sharing from the Online Reader

In the Table of Contents panel, each chapter or section title has a downward arrow icon. Click this to download that chapter or section.

You can also use the toolbar across the top of the screen for other download options. For example, you can click Save to download a page range to your computer. Or, you can click Email to send an email with the specified pages to yourself.

This example shows the options for an email download.

Did you know that the link that shows in your browser window is not the link to this ebook? You cannot use this link to return to this eBook later. Click the permalink button to get a working link that will take you directly back to the book.

Note: Use this permalink if you are linking to an eBook in Canvas, sharing the book with a friend, or saving the link to return to the book at a later time.

Downloading an Ebook to a Device/Computer

Downloading: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which option (PDF Full Text or Full Download) do I click on to download an eBook to my device or computer?
    • Click the Full Download button.
  • When I click on Full Download, I get a screen asks me to sign up for an EBSCOhost account. How do I sign-up for one?
    •  Click the sign up link. And, if you have a Google account, you can click the sign up through Google button. This will link Ebscohost to your Google sign-in which means one less log-in to remember. If you don't have a Google account, click Create Account.
  • Do I have to have have special software to download an EBSCO ebook?
    • Yes, you will need Adobe Digital Editions reader. And, you will need to set up an Adobe ID account.
  • How long is the check-out for?
    • You can set the check out from 1 to 7 days. If you need the book longer than this, you will need to check again after you loan period expires. 

Downloading Instructions

Downloading an ebook allows for offline reading. You must have an ebsco account to be able to download a book. In order to view after downloading, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions. On screen directions will guide you through setting up an account or logging in as well as downloading Adobe Digital Editions.

To download a book to your Kindle, you must first create a PDF within the eBook Full Text view of EBSCO. Then you can transfer the file using the Send to Kindle option. Learn more