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About Us


Library Mission Statement

Carmichael Library connects people with information, fosters individual and collaborative research and study, cultivates critical thinking, and promotes creativity.


We Value:

Free and equitable access to information

Excellent service

Respect for privacy

Providing a safe and welcoming environment

Active engagement with the University community

Creative exploration, collaboration, and inquiry

Evolving to meet the needs of our users

Adopted 2017

Library Vision Statement

We aspire to provide our users with active, welcoming, and transformative physical and digital spaces and with equitable access to relevant collections. We will evolve to meet UM’s needs by fostering collaboration, content creation, and information and digital literacy.

We will…

Have an open and modern design (both physical and virtual)

Create collaborative and flexible spaces

Be relevant and responsive to our users

Be fully engaged in a digital landscape of information discovery, creation and use

Make meaningful connections with people (students, faculty, staff, and the broader community) and ideas

Embrace the future while preserving the past