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BIO 101: The Freshman Experience in Biology: Find Scholarly Articles

Resources for students enrolled in the BIO 101 course

UM Biology Professors

Your assignment requires you to locate peer reviewed articles written or co-written by Biology faculty members at the University of Montevallo.  Who are they?  Follow the links below to learn about their areas of expertise.

Recommended Databases

To search for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, you will need to use an online database. These databases function as indexes for the contents of scholarly journals and many are subject-specific. Some databases for researching Biology are:


The more general databases that appear below are also useful for finding scientific articles.  You may have to be more deliberate in your searches in these databases, using precise scientific terms and specifying that you are seeking scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

Discovery Search Box

Finding articles

In this exercise, you and a partner will explore the databases listed on the linked worksheet, to see if articles by one of the UM Biology faculty can be found in these databases.

Think about the scope of the database, the research interests of "your" biologist, and your search strategy for locating articles by this biologist.  Can you locate some of their research?