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Journal Article Summary Outline

Find 5 articles

  1. Reference at the top of the page – APA format (7th edition)  (in addition to the works cited page)
  2. Main Points – you may bullet these if you like but use complete sentences and correct grammar. Paraphrase content and cite as needed.  No direct quotes are allowed. See plagiarism information in the module on Canvas.
    •  Main points from each of the following sections of the articles (8 total main points)
      • Introduction/Lit review/Purpose
      • Methods
      • Results
      • Discussion/conclusion
  3. Your conclusions that you drew from reading the article- not what the author concluded. What was the “big idea”?
  4. Relevancy to the student learner –
    1. Why did you choose this article?
    2. What did you learn with respect to your topic?
  5. Questions (reading should always make you question “why” about something)
    1. Provide at least one question with respect to what you read.

Is this journal article scholarly, peer-reviewed?

  1. Limiting a database search to peer-reviewed journals only
  2. Check in Ulrich's, called "Refereed"
  3. Examine the Journal: does it have an abstract, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion, and references? Are the articles written by scholarly researchers in the field that the journal pertains to? Is advertising non-existent, or kept to a minimum? 

Finding your Articles

Use keywords to craft your searches. There are a number of databases at Carmichael library that will help you find sources for your paper. Please select one from below to begin searching for scholarly, peer-reviewed content:

Use Interlibrary Loan

Since no library can carry everything, Interlibrary Loan allows you access to materials held throughout the state, country, and world - for FREE!  You should see an Interlibrary Loan option in our Discovery or WorldCat systems when you pull up items our library does not have. Additionally, you may see ILL options in online databases like Google Scholar (if you follow these one-time set-up instructions) and PubMed. To set up an account or manually fill out a request, visit our Interlibrary Loan page.

APA Citation

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