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Upward Bound History Research: Find Primary Sources

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African Americans in the American Revolution

Black Men in Higher Education, July 3 at 9:19 pm. Facebook Post.

Did you know that historians estimate that between 5, 000 and 8,000 African descended people participated in the Revolution on the Patriot side fighting with the Continental Army, and that upward of 20,000 fought for Great Britain?  In the American Revolution or the War for Independence, gaining freedom was the strongest motive for enslaved Black people who joined the Patriot or British armies.  More enslaved Africans fought for the British because they were promised freedom in return for military service.  As a result of the American revolution , a surprising number of enslaved Blacks were manumitted, while thousands of others freed themselves by running away.  In Georgia alone, 5,000 enslaved Africans, a third of the colony's prewar total, escaped.  

Sample Searches

Example: Andrew Jackson and papers

Example:  African Americans soldiers and diaries 

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