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Terms and Research: Open sites

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology
The UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology is a steadily growing resource of high quality articles on ancient Egypt, written in jargon-free language. The UEE articles are written by the world’s leading Egyptologists and are all peer reviewed before being published. 

Met Publications : Search Ancient Egypt
"Five decades of Met publications on art history, many (not all) available to read, download, and /or search for free."

Digital Egypt for Universities 
This site is aimed to assist teaching across all disciplines, and was created in 2000-2003, managed by Stephen Quirke (source:website)

Sample Search terms for Discovery and WorldCat library catalogs

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Architecture Ancient Egypt
  • Handicraft Egypt
  • Signs and symbols Egypt 
  • Interior decoration Egypt 
  • Furniture Ancient Egypt

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