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EDL 650 Systemic Evaluation of School Improvement

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Sample Topic : Professional Learning Communities 
Sample Research Question :  Are Professional Learning Communities an effective leadership tool to improve a school?  
ERIC Thesaurus Terms  KEYWORD: Professional Learning Communities  KEYWORD:
School Improvement 
KEYWORD: Leadership
ERIC Thesaurus Term  Communities of Practice 
(Groups of people sharing an interest or profession who interact and collaborate in order to share knowledge and develop solutions for common problems.)
Educational Improvement 
(Enhancing the value or quality of education (Note: Use a more specific term if possible -- do not confuse with "Educational Facilities Improvement")
Transformational Leadership
(Leadership characterized by support for collaboration and empowerment of individuals within a group to effect change)
ERIC Thesaurus Term 
Professional Development (Activities to enhance professional career growth)
Educational Indicators 
Measures of the outcomes of educational institutions, programs, and practices, where resulting statistics are intended to inform educational policy
Effective Schools Research 
(Educational research focused on identifying unusually effective schools, studying the underlying attributes of their programs and personnel, and designing techniques to operationalize these attributes in less effective schools. )


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