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PSYC 382 Diverse Family Systems

Search Strategy

1. Break your research question into at least two concepts. 

2. Use the PsycINFO Thesaurus to find terms for each concept.  

3. Enter the Descriptor term (Subjects) for one concept in the first search search box

4. Enter Descriptor term (Subjects)  for the next concept in the second search box.

5. Limit your search to Peer Reviewed Journals

6. Limit your search to the last 10 years.

Find Help

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PsycINFO is a database of abstracts of literature in the field of psychology. It is produced by the American Psychological Association.  PsycINFO is unmatched as a resource for locating scholarly research findings in psychology and related fields across a host of academic disciplines — from the historical to the cutting edge.  PsycARTICLES, also produced by the American Psychological Association, includes all full text of articles indexed.

APA Thesaurus

Look for the APA Thesaurus link in the blue bar at the top of the page

Sample Topic

Sample Topic: Adoptive families and policy 

  Keyword: Adoptive Families  Keyword: Policy
APA Thesaurus Terms  Adoption (Child)  Government Policy Making
APA Thesaurus Terms  International Adoption  Laws
APA Thesaurus Terms  Adoptive Parents Legal Process
APA Thesaurus Terms  Adoptive Children  Social Issues


Sample Search