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Guide Overview

The Religion and Culture Research Guide is designed to help you navigate sources in a variety of disciplines related to religion.

You may want to reference this guide if you are enrolled in any of the following classes:


  • REL 110 World Religions
  • REL 210 Introduction to Religious Studies
  • REL 300 The Literature of the Bible and Koran
  • REL 301 St. Paul
  • REL 302-03 Special Topics in Religion

Interdisciplinary Applications

  • PSYC/SOC 445 Sex Roles, Gender, and Culture
  • PHIL 310 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 410 Epistemology
  • HIST 101 History of World Civilization I
  • HIST 423 Civil Rights Movement
  • SOC 240 Social Problems
  • SOC 303 Selected Topics in Sociology
  • ENG 101 Composition 1


      stain glass windows

      "Colonia 6" by Miquel (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

      The resources collected in this subject guide are intended to help you as you navigate sources of information inside and beyond the Carmichael Library.  

      Here, you'll find guides to books, reference sources, scholarly journals, popular print sources, and social media tools that will help you in your study of religion and culture.  You'll also find the help you need to locate these sources, cite them, and integrate them into your writing.  Take time to explore, interact, and ask questions along the way.

      Information Literacy and Digital Learning Librarian / Assistant Professor