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Education Guide Outline

The Education Research Guide is designed to help you navigate sources in a variety of relevant disciplines.

You may want to reference this guide if you are enrolled in any of the following classes:


  • ED 501 Introduction to Teaching
  • ED 410 Teaching of Reading
  • ED 418 Management and Organization for Secondary Education
  • ED 512 Reading and Writing in the Secondary Content Areas
  • EDF 600 Applied Research in Education and Behavioral Sciences
  • EDL 606 Leadership and Mentor Training
  • EDF 540 Applied Educational Research

You may also find useful information in some of our other Research Guides, including:

You can always get in touch with the curators of this guide, Carey Heatherly, Amanda Melcher, and Kathy Lowe, if you have questions.

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Welcome to the Education Research Guide


As we head into the stretch run of a presidential campaign this fall, one of the things on many voters' minds is the quality of education in the United States.  The United States consistently ranks behind other nations in student performance, no matter which measures are applied.  Many districts face drastic cuts to funding and annual budgets.  These are just some of the problems in our national education system.

Yet there are also opportunities when one enters a career in education.  We not only have the chance to shape the lives of students of all ages, but we can transform ourselves as thinkers and learners.  As Parker Palmer writes in The Courage to Teach, "Teaching and learning are critical to our individual and collective survival and to the quality of our lives."

As current and future educators, you need to be able to be versed in both the scholarship that informs pedagogy within your profession and the larger social issues that shape educational policies outside of the immediate profession.  This Research Guide is intended to help you navigate both spheres.  Here, you'll find resources and information on professional education scholarship, statistics and data, and more.