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Education : EDL 605 Fiscal Resources and Business Management

Resources, information, and news for the education profession


Subjects and descriptors are ways to quickly search for items within a particular idea. All book and articles records incorporate this controlled language to  better faciliate research. While search through records, notice that subjects/descriptors are hyperlinked. Simply click on this link and the engine will return all materials with the same subject. While subjects and descriptors are essentially the same thing, library catalogs use subject headings, while most databases (where scholarly articles are located) use the term descriptor. Here are some to start your search with:

Educational leadership (broad topic)

School management and organization

Education -- United States -- finance

Educational equalization

Budget -- Alabama (narrow topic)

Educational finance

Finance reform

Resource allocation


In addition to books, consider consulting peer-reviewed journals for articles on school finance. Many of these sources contain studies, graphs, and charts that may enhance your presentation. 

Also, think of nontraditional sources like government websites dealing with education topics. They exist both at the federal and state level. The Fair Standards Labor Act (FSLA) is an example of this: (Hint: many of these sites have search features to help excise the information you seek)

Another nontraditional avenue is the docmentary, It's a Thick Book. The film attempts to explain Alabama's 1901 Constitution and tax system and how that affects stakeholders such as the education community.   

Finding Books at the Carmichael Library

Use this search bar to find books in the library.  You can also visit the library homepagefor more detailed search capabilities.

Carmichael Library Home  Search for Books in the Carmichael Catalog


Below are some examples of books located at Carmichael Library. These titles were found using the subject headings on the left side of this page.

Making Money Matter: financing America's schools by Helen F. Ladd

The homevoter hypothesis : how home values influence local government taxation, school finance, and land-use policies by William A. Fischel

America's gamble : public school finance and state lotteries by Thomas H. Jones


Here is a partial list of our Education databases. Here, use the descriptors mentioned on the left side of this page. For a full list of database selections, see the 'Journals/ERIC' tab above. 

ERIC (EBSCOhost search) ERIC indexes education journals, the majority of which are peer-reviewed. Most of these journals are indexed comprehensively - that is, a record for every article in each issue is included in ERIC.

ERIC (Institute of Education Sciences search) Same content, different search interface. 

Professional Collection A custom database of more than 300 full-text journals for educators, covering the areas of arts and humanities, child and adolescent psychology and development, drug and alcohol abuse, health/nutrition/fitness, learning disabilities, literature, school law, science and technology, social sciences and sports/athletic training

Professional Development Collection Designed for professional educators. Includes full text for more than 550 education and library science journals. This database also provides full text for 167 education pamphlets and scholarly monographs.

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