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Lexis-Nexis searches the full text of hundreds of newspapers in the United States and Canada.  You may find articles related to textbook controversies in this database.

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Introduction to Textbook Adoption

Textbook Adoption Websites


Alabama Textbook Adoption Process
The state textbook office administers the state textbook law, which provides for the review and adoption of textbooks at the state and local level. The law also provides regulations for individual school systems regarding the local adoption, purchase, use, and inventory of textbooks. Primary to the state process is working with the state textbook committee during the review of textbooks and presenting recommendations to the State Board of Education for adoption or rejection. The state textbook office also provides assistance to local school systems in complying with the provisions of the textbook law. For information about the Alabama State Textbook program such as state-adopted lists, rejected textbooks, local adoption forms, adoption schedules, new adoptions, publisher lists, local textbook supervisors, and other information, contact Karen Benefield at

Alabama Department of Education : Classroom Improvement Publications
Information includes textbook adoptions, courses of study, and evaluation forms for courses of study

Alabama City and County Textbook Supervisors (list)

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Texas Education Agency
Textbook review and policies for the state of Texas

Public Schools of North Carolina Textbook Adoption Services

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