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Education : EDF 540 Applied Educational Research

Resources, information, and news for the education profession

ERIC Descriptors

ERIC Descriptors are controlled vocabulary terms that can help you perform a focused, productive search. 

  • In the ERIC Database, click "Thesaurus" in the upper left corner.
  • In the Browsing box (the second search box), enter a keyword (ex: inclusive education).
  • If this term does not match the ERIC Descriptor, it will tell you what to use instead.  In this case, the related descriptor is "inclusion."
  • When you click on Inclusion, it will give you a definition of the term, narrower terms, and related terms.
  • Build a search by clicking on the checkbox next to terms of interest and clicking the "Add" button.
  • Connect your terms using OR (to broaden), AND (to narrow), NOT (to exclude a term).  AND will give you the most focused results, because the articles will contain all of the descriptors you used in your search.


The "Citing Sources" tab, above, contains links guiding you to helpful citation tools and resources. Please direct citation questions to Dr. Sumbry.    


Here is a partial list of our Education databases.  For a full list of database selections, see the 'Journals/ERIC' tab above. 

ERIC (EBSCOhost search) ERIC indexes education journals, the majority of which are peer-reviewed. Most of these journals are indexed comprehensively - that is, a record for every article in each issue is included in ERIC. 

Professional Collection A custom database of more than 300 full-text journals for educators, covering the areas of arts and humanities, child and adolescent psychology and development, drug and alcohol abuse, health/nutrition/fitness, learning disabilities, literature, school law, science and technology, social sciences and sports/athletic training

Professional Development Collection Designed for professional educators. Includes full text for more than 550 education and library science journals. This database also provides full text for 167 education pamphlets and scholarly monographs.



Search Education Documents
Limit Your Results

Periodicals in Counseling, Leadership, and Foundations *

American Educational Research Journal
American Journal of Education
College Student Affairs Journal
Comparative Education Review
Educational and Psychological Measurement {microfiche only}
Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice
Educational Studies: A Journal of the American Educational Studies Association
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities {microfiche only}
Journal for Specialists in Group Work
Journal of Adolescence
Journal of Drug Education
Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development
Journal of School Psychology
Journal of School Public Relations
NACE Journal
Principal Leadership: High School Edition
Research in the Schools
School Administrator
School Law Reporter

*Unless otherwise noted, the most recent issues of these titles will be located in the Unbound Periodicals collection on the first floor (green shelf with orange folders).

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Reference Materials in Print

Education Librarian

Electronic Holdings of Print Journals

Many of Carmichael Library's print journals can be found in our database holdings. Search the print journal title using this screen to see which databases contain full text access. 


The purpose of this class page is to pull together resources and advice pertaining to EDF 540's subject matter and to supplement the larger Education Guide. Many of the print materials referenced here can be found online, via Carmichael Library's database subscriptions, or at other academic institutions. As Montevallo students, each of you have access to our online tools. You must click through the library's website and, when prompted, enter your UM student ID number.