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ENG 101 / 102 / 103 / 104: English Composition: ENG 102 Cates- Fall 2016

A guide for students who are in ENG 101 (or ENG 103) Composition I and ENG 102 Composition II (or ENG 104) at the University of Montevallo

Synthesis Essay

What does it mean to synthesize?

Synthesizing information is a process of examining and inferring relationships among sources and then making those relationships explicit. Synthesis is also a process of combining information and ideas to create or develop a new idea, focus, or perspective.

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Popular vs. Scholarly Sources

Examples of Sources

Example of a Popular Article: "An American Abroad" by Steve Coll

Example of a Scholarly Article: "Race, Rhetoric, and Running for President: Unpacking the Significance of Barack Obama's 'A More Perfect Union' Speech" by Susanna Dilliplane.

Concept Map

Create a Concept May a.k.a. Mind Map to assist with your research.