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Spanish: Home

Scope of the Guide

While this guide is not exhaustive, it does provide various resources that should be able to assist you through your Spanish classes. Specifically, this guide is designed to focus on the following courses:

  • SPN 101: Introductory Spanish I
  • SPN 102: Introductory Spanish II
  • SPN 103: Honors Introductory Spanish I
  • SPN 104: Honors Introductory Spanish II
  • SPN 150: Accelerated Introductory Spanish
  • SPN 201: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPN 202: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPN 250: Accelerated Intermediate Spanish

If you have suggestions for ways to improve this guide, please contact Carmichael Library.


sign with se habla espanol

Unnamed by jairojehuel licensed under CC0.

This guide connects you to resources for research on the Spanish language. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Carmichael Library.


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