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BIO 206: Genetics: Online Resources

Biology Online

Evaluating Websites

Much work has gone into providing you with good resources on this guide. If, however, you choose to look for resources outside this guide (i.e. "Google" your topic), you MUST evaluate the source to ensure that it is a reliable, accurate source. Remember to look for the following:

  1. Author: who wrote the article and what are his/her credentials?
  2. Purpose: what is the purpose of the article and who is the intended audience?
  3. Objectivity: what is the bias of the author and/or the site and/or the company publishing the site?
  4. Accuracy: from whence does the information derive and can you find any references/sources for the information?
  5. Currency: when was the site last updated and when was the page you are reading last updated?

Below are a couple of resources that will provide you with additional information to keep in mind.

National Institutes of Health Web Resources

N I H logo

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a list of resources covering a variety of subjects. The resources include links to journals, books, databases, and other internet sources.