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FCS 170: Introduction to Food Science & Preparation: Home

FCS 170 Cultural Foods Group Project

As part of your exploration of cultural diversity, you will be divided into groups and will plan and prepare a culturally themed meal which you will serve to the class.  In addition, you will produce a PowerPoint presentation about the food and culture of the country/culture/ religion you have chosen and submit a budget, production schedule, and critical control points involved in preparing and serving the meal. Detailed instructions for this project and a grading rubric will be discussed in class and then posted on Canvas.  [Description adapted from FCS 170 syllabus].
This means you must find information on different countries' cultures, resources, health and nutrition... as well as excellent representative recipes!

Welcome to the FCS 170 Research Guide!


Osh Bazaar in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)