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FCS 170: Introduction to Food Science & Preparation: Finding Articles

Discovery System

Best Bet!

Best Bet!  Your country namepopular chefsdistinctive ingredients, and popular dishes unique to your country can also be used as search terms.

Resource Profile: Scholarly Articles

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How can you tell if a journal article is scholarly?  Often journals will have editorial policies and submission guidelines(in print or on the journal website) that tell you whether or not a journal is scholarly.  Some database search engines allow you to limit your searches to peer reviewed journals.   

How are scholarly journal articles different from regular articles?  Scholarly articles go through a process called peer review.  Articles are only published if other expertsagree that the article contributes to the field. 

Recommended Databases

Finding FCS Articles

Several examples of subject headings appropriate for use in the library catalog when searching for materials are:

  • Food
  • Nutrition
  • Food Culture
  • Recipes
  • Cuisine
  • Culinary Practices
  • Food Preparation
  • Food Habits
  • International Cooking
  • Customs and manners
  • Etiquette

EXAMPLE:  India and culinary practices. Limit to articles.  

Best Bet!  And of course, your country name, popular chefs, distinctive ingredients, and popular dishes unique to your country can also be used as search terms.

To obtain an authoritative list of subject headings check the Library of Congress Subject Headings.