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SOC 324: Social Stratification: Review the literature

Find Articles

Below are some databases that may contain articles relevant to your research assignment.

A few useful subjects / keywords to get you started in your searches: 

Educational Attainment
Health care
Health insurance
Home Ownership
Food security
Social mobility 
Social stratification
Social classes 
Social conflict 

United States    

Important Journals in Sociology

The following journals are among the most important in the field of sociology. Follow these links to the Carmichael Library catalog for more information on how to access these titles.

Finding Research Articles VS. Finding Editorials and Essays

Dr. Parker wants you to read essays and analyses in popular magazines, as well as research articles on your topic

Academic Search Premier and Academic Onefile are excellent databases to find these kinds of articles.  Use the Advanced Search features to limit your searches. When searching for research articles in these databases, you will want to check the "peer reviewed" box.  

But when searching for thoughtful popular analyses you may want to make use of some of these limits on the Advanced Search screen.

Check the Cover Story box:


Or you might select the Document Type:  Editorial box (or Essay, in Academic Onefile):

Or perhaps type in one of the journal titles your professor has identified as having useful analyses, such as the New Republic, the National Review, the Nation, or the Atlantic.

Note: You probably don't want to do all of these at once!