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SOC 324: Social Stratification: Find background info

Finding background information

As you begin your research, you may want to gather some basic background information on your topics from reference sources available online or in print.

Use "Points of View" resources

To get a sense of the popular debate surrounding your topics, check the "Opposing Viewpoints" and "Points of View" databases.  You may find a concise summary of the issue along with a useful bibliography of additional resources.  Note: these are not scholarly resources; but they may lead you to some scholarly resources.

Find books

Use the library's Discovery System to search for books (or articles) containing background information on the state of health care, food, housing, and education in the United States. The "limit" options within the system allow you to select the kind of resources you want.

Discovery Search Box

Use online reference sources


Use either of these resources, either to search across a set of reference books for background information on general concepts or specific terms or search within a specific e-book (see suggestions below).