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MK 476 Applied Research

Looking for a Topic? Try some of these sites for ideas

Big Sites
Google Think
: Marketing Resources, Consumer Insights and Advertising Channels 

Includes Engage section, free information on specific markets.  Engage Moms  and Engage Boomers

Industry Conferences, Industry discussions 
Advertising Week Panel Discussion:  Sept. 28 Beyond the Surface: How Advertising and Entertainment Industries Can Create Authentic Images of African-America Women

American Advertising Foundation White Paper :  Reality TV : Entertaining...But No Laughing Matter
The AAF and Zeta Phi Beta have produced a white paper which explores theories that can be used to understand and tackle current media effects on key discussion points on the problem of media misrepresentation.

What are the Industry Leaders taking about?
American Advertising Federation:  Thought Leadership

Trend spotting

Trend Watching Quarterly (use the Free tab)

Ipsos Ideas
Ipsos is an independent market research company controlled and managed by research professionals.

Advertising Age (you can register for 7 free articles)

Facts for Figures (US Census Bureau)
Profile America Facts for Features consist of collections of statistics from the Census Bureau's demographic and economic subject areas pertaining to holidays, anniversaries, observances or topics in the news.