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EDF 600 Applied Research in Education and Behavioral Sciences


PsycINFO is a comprehensive and authoritative resource for locating scholarly research findings in counseling, educational psychology and related fields. Graduate students in counseling should consult PsycINFO for research articles. . 

PsycINFO Database Tips: How do I know if an article is peer-reviewed and Quantitative or Qualitative research? 

Use the following Search Options to narrow your search:

  • Publication Type :  Peer Reviewed Journals   
  • Methodology: : Qualitative Study or Quantitative Study 
  • Refine to Last 10 Years 

Narrow Search to Qualitative or Quantitative study

Step 1. Make sure you are in PsycINFO

Step 2.  In Search Options (below the search boxes) CHOOSE Publication Type : Peer Reviewed Journal 

Step 3. In Search Options (below the search boxes) CHOOSE Methodology  CHOOSE Qualitative Study or Quantitative Study