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THEA 300 Play Analysis, Theory, and Criticism

Analyze a modern day play

Locate Past Productions and Analysis and Criticism 

In general, reviews of plays performed in major cities such as New York and London are relatively easy to find. 
  • First determine when your play was written/first produced, for that will determine which sources covering which time periods may have reviews. 
  • Find Reviews in the New York Times, additional newspapers and periodicals
  • Find Print sources that provide reviews or historical context. 

Step 1. Gather the Facts
EXAMPLE:  Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Need the Facts: When and Where did the play premier? 
This is the most important date and city to locate! 

Answer: Play premiered in Chicago in 1944. 
 Wikipedia or another reputable source 

Need the Facts:  When was Glass Menagerie on Broadway?  These dates are important because you will use the dates to locate reviews and additional information about the Broadway production. 

Answer:  Use the IBDB Internet Broadway Database 
The Glass Menagerie - Broadway (Mar 31, 1945)
The Glass Menagerie - Broadway (May 04, 1965)
The Glass Menagerie - Broadway (Dec 18, 1975)
The Glass Menagerie - Broadway (Dec 01, 1983)
The Glass Menagerie - Broadway (Nov 15, 1994)
The Glass Menagerie - Broadway (Mar 22, 2005)
The Glass Menagerie - Broadway (Sep 26, 2013)
The Glass Menagerie - Broadway (Mar 09, 2017)


Gather the Facts: Library database : Drama for Students