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THEA 300 Play Analysis, Theory, and Criticism

New York Times, Historical

Step 2.  Find Reviews!
Use the New York Times, Historical and ProQuest Newspapers.

Research further with  

              Start:  First step is to search the newspaper databases. 
Tip : Use the Advanced Search AND  choose DOCUMENT TYPE: REVIEW

Tip: Limit the DATE RANGE  if you get too many results.  

And more...Print Sources in the library

Step 2.  Examine print reference sources (located on the first floor in the Reference Collection).     


Browse the library shelves on the top floor

The books in the Carmichael library are all shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification System

Here is an outline of the locations for books that may be useful in studying theatre:

In this system, most of the books on theatre are shelved betweenPN1600 and PN4400, all on the second floor. Other areas of the classification have other subjects that are useful for theatre.

D-DZ, E-EZ, F-FZ: History.

GT500-2730: Costume, dress and fashion.

ML1711: Musical Theatre

MT955-956: Musical theatre performance

NA2695-2793: Architectural drawing and design (rendering)

ND2885: Scene painting

PN1600-2000: Drama as literature (plays)

PN2000-4400: Acting, stagecraft, theater production, management, auditioning, etc. (theater).

PN1600's: General works and works on the technique of writing plays.

PN1707: Criticism.

PN1720-1730: Theatre literary history.

PN1730-1861: Drama by period: ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern, etc.

PN1865: One-act plays.

PN1872-1879: Historical plays.

PN1892: Tragedy.

PN1922: Comedy.

PN1950: Science Fiction Plays.

PN1962: Vaudeville.

PN1972-1982: Puppet Theater.

PN1985-1988: Pantomimes.

PN2039: Philosophy of Theater.

PN2053: Management, administration, and production.

PN2055-2073: Acting.

PN2074: Theater as a profession.

PN2080: Monologues and audition scenes.

PN2085-2091: The Stage and accessories.

PN2098: Theater posters.

PN2100-2193: History of theater (by period).

PN2219-3030: has Theater by region or country.

PN3151-3171: Amateur theatricals.

PN3175-3191: College and school theatricals.

PN3203-3299: Tableaux, pageants, "happenings", etc.

PN4305: Audition scenes and monologues.

PN6110.5-6120: Collections of plays.

TK 4399: Stage Lighting 

TK 7800: Sound for Theatre

TR: Photography

TS: Crafts and manufacture (including working with wood, textiles, leather, stone, metal, fur, etc.)

TT: Handicrafts and fashion (including textiles, woodworking and wood finishing, leatherwork, painting, furniture making, clothing manufacture and sewing, hairdressing, makeup, etc.)