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EXNS 190 Survey of Exercise and Nutrition Science

What is this?

Academic Peer Reviewed journals include :

  • Articles written by experts in the field for scholars, researchers and students
  • Academic journals, often called scholarly journals, contain peer reviewed articles.
  • Articles are often long and include jargon.
  • Academic journals articles will almost always include citations and references.
  • Academic journals are often published monthly or quarterly. 

Popular Magazines 

  • Designed to inform the general reader.
  • Articles tend to be short and written by staff writers and sometimes public intellectuals.
  • Popular magazines often include pictures and are often published weekly.
  • Popular Magazines rarely include citations and references. 

Trade journals

  • Written for the industry audience.  For example, Candy is written for the manufactures, sales people, and vendors in the candy industry.  
  • Articles are generally written by paid staffers, vendors and professionals in the industry.  
  • Trade journals rarely include citations or references.