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Characteristics of Primary Research Article

Characteristics of Primary Research Articles 

  • Presents original data and ideas reported by an expert(s) in the discipline and written for others in the discipline.
  • Reports the results of surveys, experiments, observations, or other valid measures of investigation.
  • Published in peer-reviewed journals journals.
  • The body of the article usually contains the following sections:
    • Abstract --- brief description of the research question, the general methods, and the major findings and implications of the work.
    • Introduction ---research question and background information are presented.
    • Methods (or Materials and Methods) (Experimental Procedures) ---a description of the research methods used.
    • Results ---data collected are presented in written form and by using tables, graphs, and figures.
    • Discussion ---researchers interpretation of the data.
    • Acknowledgements, and Literature Cited (or References) ---works cited by the researcher.