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Grainger Center Career Resources Guide: What's Warren Buffett Reading?

Top executives read a lot of books!

Executives read a lot of books!  Be up-to-date and have something interesting to talk about at an interview particularly if you are invited to eat out or meet at an informal gathering.  Be prepared to have a great answer if you are asked an interview question about your outside interests.  Include reading books as an interest! Listed below are some recommendations from top business leaders. The News Feed sources will keep you up to date on current news.


Warren Buffett and Bill GatesWarren Buffett and Bill Gates agree this is one of the best books out right now
- CNBC May 7, 2018

Bill Gates: The Five Books Bill Gates Thinks Everyone Should Read This Summer 
- Kathleen Elkins, CNBC 21 May 2018

Marc Andressen These are the books that early Facebook investor Marc Andressen thinks everyone should read right now
- Business Insider July 6,2018

Warren Buffet's Advice: Berkshire Hathaway Star followed Warren Buffett's advice : Read 500 pages a day! 
Kathleen Elkins, CNBC 27 March 2018.


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