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EXNS 483 Nutrition Care Process I

Medical Subject Headings

MeSH reviewers read articles before they go into MEDLINE and assign appropriate subject headings to the article.  These subject headings from a pre-set list (or vocabulary).  MeSH applies one term to a collection of concepts - even if that exact term is not used in the article. 

MeSH Browser
‚ÄčTry using the MeSH Browser to locate the best term to search in PubMed

MeSH Database 
Launching PubMed searches from the MeSH database

To build a PubMed search from MeSH:

  1. Run a search in the MeSH database.
  2. Select terms using the check boxes.
  3. Click "Add to search builder" in the PubMed search builder portlet.
  4. You may continue searching and including additional terms to the PubMed search builder using the "Add to search builder" and Boolean pull-down menu.
  5. When you are finished, click "Search PubMed."


Sample Search Terms

MeSH Heading
Nutrition Therapy
Scope Note
Improving health status of an individual by adjusting the quantities, qualities, and methods of nutrient intake.
MeSH Heading
Diet, Diabetic
a specific dietary regimen for diabetics: not all diet therapy of diabetes is DIABETIC DIET; when specified by author as a diabetic diet, coordinate with DIABETES MELLITUS / diet ther (IM) or specific type of diabetes / diet ther (IM) + specific dietary element / ther use (IM)
Scope Note
A course of food intake prescribed for patients, that limits the amount of foods with a high GLYCEMIC INDEX.
MeSH Heading
Nutritional Support
Scope Note
The administration of nutrients for assimilation and utilization by a patient by means other than normal eating. It does not include FLUID THERAPY which normalizes body fluids to restore WATER-ELECTROLYTE BALANCE.
Additional MeSH Terms to consider:
Disease Management
Diet Therapy