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EXNS 483 Nutrition Care Process I

EXNS 483 Library Guide

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"colorful" by Jane Fresco (CC BY 2.0)

This is the library guide for your EXNS 483 course. Here you will find resources that will assist you as you complete the assignments for this class. If you have any questions about these resources or need help finding further information, please contact the Carmichael Library.


Students will select a journal article with a 2019 publication date for review.  It must be a research article (not a review article) and must come from a professional, peer-reviewed journal such as the American Journal of Clinical NutritionJournal of Applied NutritionJournal of NutritionJournal of Nutrition Education and BehaviorJournal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (not magazines like Prevention, Runner’s World, Men’s Health). 

Also, avoid Nutrition Reviews for this assignment only—it contains review articles (i.e. summaries of groups of research articles), not research articles. 

The review must be typewritten, bibliographic entry in current APA format, not more than one page in length (use single-spacing), with attention given to neatness and proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  The writing must be thorough, yet concise, and should demonstrate that the student has read the article several times and thought about the research described and discuss how the research benefits health.