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CSD 291 Fall 2020

Fall 2020


Language word cloud

"Wordle neurocognition of langage" by Cfie (CC BY-SA 4.0)

This is the library guide for your CSD 291 course. Here you will find resources that will assist you as you complete the assignments for this class. If you have any questions about these resources or need help finding further information, please contact Ms. Lowe. 

Characteristics of Peer Reviewed Journals

Academic Peer Reviewed journals include :

  • Articles written by experts in the field for scholars, researchers and students
  • Academic journals, often called scholarly journals, contain peer reviewed articles.
  • Articles are often long and include jargon familiar to the expert. 
  • Academic journals articles will almost always include citations and references.
  • Academic journals are often published monthly or quarterly. 


Trade journals

  • Written for the industry audience.  For example, ASHA Leader is written for the professionals in speech and language pathology. 
  • Articles are generally written by paid staffers, vendors and professionals in the industry.  
  • Trade journals rarely include citations or references. 
  • ASHA Leader provides member and association news, employment recruitment ads, and coverage of issues and stories shaping the future of the professions.


From Research Question to Search Terms

Does Anxiety in College Students affect Academic Achievement?