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SPN 470 Hispanic Presence in the U.S.: Useful websites

General websites and organizations

National level websites

Alabama sites

News sites - tips and tricks

Google covers a wide range of countries and formats.  Your challenge is to make it search the types of sources for the time frame and in the language you wish!

To set the search to Spanish: Under Settings (Preferencias) > Languages (Idiomas) you can change the language of Google products:

Then, when searching, choose Herramientas > Cualquier idioma and change to Buscar solo páginas en español.

When looking for news items, set your search to Noticias on the top tab.  You can select language settings, and also the region it searches, under Herramientas > Configuración de búsqueda > Configuración de la región 

Searchable Spanish language news sources on the web include: