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ENG 411/511 Fall2019

Studies in (Medieval) Drama

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Highlights of the York Mystery Plays
This enchanting program revives the drama and pageantry of the medieval mystery play as performed by the venerable guilds of York, England. Perched atop pageant wagons in the streets of their home city, guild members and townspeople in period costumes enact scenes from eleven plays of the Corpus Christi Cycle: Creation to the Fifth Day, The Creation of Adam and Eve, The Fall of Adam and Eve, The Flight into Egypt, The Temptation, The Agony in the Garden and the Betrayal of Christ, The Death of Christ, The Harrowing of Hell, The Incredulity of Thomas, The Ascension of Jesus Christ, and The Last Judgment. An introductory segment sets the stage. (57 minutes)

The York Mystery Plays: The Death of Christ
This production is part of the historic 1998 staging of the Corpus Christi Cycle in York, England, and captures the majesty and color of the original 14th- to 16th-century plays. Sponsored by the Company of Butchers, performed on a story wagon on the streets of York amidst an enraptured crowd, and using medieval materials and techniques, the performance strives for authenticity. The affecting play portrays the impact of the crucifixion on several very different people: Pilate, members of the Sanhedrin, the two thieves, Christ’s mother, and the Roman centurion who accepts Christ as God’s son. (29 minutes)