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Wikipedia Assignment

Wikipedia Asssignment

Choose a topic and investigate the two sources on the topic.
All print sources are in the library. 

Topic 1 : Elaine (A
rkansas) Riot of 1919

Source 1:  Elaine Race Riot 
Source 2:  Print Source : Located in the Reference Collection Ref. E184.A1 E573 

Williams, Lee E., II.  "Elaine (Arkansas) Riot of 1919."  In Encyclopedia of American Race Riots.  Westport, CT. : Greenwood Press, 2007. 

Topic 2 pair 2
Wannsee Conference

Source 1: Wikipedia entry:  Wannsee Conference
Source 2: Print Source: The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust. See entry: Wannsee Conference
Reference D 804.3 .E53 1990


Topic 3 pair 3
Great Irish Famine: role of the potato

Source 1: Wikipedia entry: Great Famine (Ireland)
Source 2: Print Source: Atlas of the Great Irish Famine
Reference DA 950.7 .A85 2012
See entry: The potato: root of the Famine (p. 28-43)


Topic 4 Pair 4
Napoleonic Wars: Invasion of Russia

Source 1: Wikipedia entry:  French Invasion of Russia (1812)
Source 2: Print Source: Fremont-Barnes, Gregory. ed. "Russian Campaign" in The Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. 
Ref. DC 220 .E53 2006