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Open Educational Resources (OER): Communicate the Value of OER


Possible stakeholders to discuss OER with:

  • Department Chair - Is there departmental support for OER?
  • Dean and Provost - Will there be administrative support? How can the school collaborate with other schools?
  • Bookstore - How should the Bookstore be notified? How will this affect them? Could they play a role in printing or other distribution?
  • Library - How can the Library be involved in identifying, developing, and archiving OER? 
  • Center for Excellence in Teaching - What role will the Center play in creating and making OER available?
  • Disability Support Services - How will these materials be made accessible to all?

Resources on OER impact and planning

Make the Case to Administration

The following resources may be useful in establishing the value of OER to administrators:

This guide adapts and reuses major portions of the University of Pittsburgh and University of Illinois libraries' OER guides, with permission.