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Library Policies


Carmichael Library Use Policies

Carmichael Library seeks to create inviting spaces for intellectual interaction, individual and group study, and information exchange.  The Library promotes information literacy and strives to meet the information needs of students, faculty, and staff. Library use policies are rooted in our mission

  • Access to the Library
    While our primary clientele are UM students, faculty, and staff, any individual may have access to the Library building, its resources, and reference assistance.  UM patrons may access databases from off-campus using their UM login information; non-UM patrons may access databases from inside the Library only.  After 9 pm, only individuals with a UM ID may enter from the parking lot entrance using their UM cards. 
  • Teaching & Learning Spaces and Study Rooms
    • The Group Study Rooms are intended for use by 2 or more individuals, for academic or university-related purposes.  They may be reserved for 2 hours at a time (renewable if no-one is waiting), online or at the checkout desk. 
    • The EBSCO Room, Mobile Classroom, and Computer Lab (all on the ground floor) may be reserved by UM faculty or staff only.  These spaces are intended primarily for library instruction.  Please visit the Register for Instruction link if you are interested in scheduling an instruction session with a librarian.  
    • The J.A. Brown Room may be reserved by UM faculty or staff for special events.  Reservations are subject to approval by the Library Director.
    • The Ground Floor may be reserved by UM faculty or staff for special events.  Individuals reserving the ground floor are responsible for their own set-up and clean-up.
    • Digital Media Lab facilities, including the 3D Print Lab, may be reserved through the Digital Media Lab Coordinator.
  • Library spaces devoted to teaching, learning, and study may only be reserved by individuals with a UM affiliation.

For more information or to reserve a space, please visit the Room Reservation page.

  • Cell phones
    The use of cell phones in the Library can be disruptive to other patrons.  Please place your cell phones on silent when in the library and take phone calls outside. 
  • Code of conduct
    Library users are expected to abide by the UM Student Code of Conduct, which expressly prohibits disorderly conduct, disruptive activities, and failure to comply with and respond appropriately to the reasonable and lawful requests of University faculty, staff, and other officials.  Library users are expected to treat Library materials and facilities and Library staff with respect, and to leave the building in a timely fashion at closing.
  • Computer Use
    Carmichael Library abides by the UM policy on the Use of Information Resources.  As stated in this policy, "The University of Montevallo’s computing and network resources are to facilitate and support the mission of the University. Access is granted to the computing system and the network because it is a tool to meet the academic goals and the mission of the University. This access is a privilege, not a right."  Users of workstations are expected to show consideration for others, and not to engage in disruptive behavior. During high traffic times, a 30 minute time limit may be placed on public computers if others are waiting; current users will be alerted to the fact that someone is waiting.
  • Emergencies
    In emergency situations, library staff will alert building occupants to the procedures for evacuation or for taking shelter.
  • Fines Payment
    Fines for lost or overdue books may be paid online using the links below.

Fines are accessible by logging into your library account on the library homepage. It is recommended that you check with the checkout desk or email to verify the amount before payment.

  • Food and Drink
    Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in most areas of the library.  Library users are expected to handle food and drink responsibly with regard to the integrity of library materials and the cleanliness of library facilities. Consumption of food and drink is restricted in Archives and Special Collections areas.  
  • Noise
    The top floor of the Library is a quiet floor.  Talking is permitted on other floors, but loud conversations or other behaviors that are disruptive to other library patrons are not allowed.
  • Security
    Library staff should be alerted if patrons feel threatened or uncomfortable in the Library.  In an emergency, Library staff or patrons should call the UM Police (911 or 205-665-6155).  A protective escort service is also available at x6155.
    Library users should not leave their personal belongings unattended.  Library staff are not responsible for personal belongings.
  • Smoking 
    In accordance with University policy, "Smoking is limited to outdoor areas on campus that are at least 25 feet away from building entrances and exits of all University-owned facilities."  The UM smoking policy covers all devices that create smoke, vapor or any other type of emission. 
  • Unattended children
    Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.