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PSYC 499: History of Psychology

1. Start Here: the library search box

Try a discovery system search in the main search box on the library homepage. This will search across all items in the library collection, including articles, books, eBooks, videos, and more. And, you can use the discovery system settings to narrow your search to meet the needs of the course.

You can find your source article and the first few articles cited in that article by searching for peer-reviewed articles.



2. Then go here next: select databases

Use the links below to go directly to select databases that feature psychology articles from a variety of journals. 


3. Try this too: journal search by title or discipline

Are you looking for a specific journal or do you want to browse journals by discipline of psychology? Then try a Journal Title search.


4. Another option: Google Scholar


Google Scholar can be an effective way to find reputable sources.  You might have to do some digging around to find the article text, but searching with the capabilities of Google could make this tool worth your while.

Google Scholar Search