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24 Hour Library

Don't Forget Your UM ID!

ID (university identification card)



24 Hour Library Use Policies

(Sundays through Wednesdays overnight)

The 24 Hour Library is available on the ground floor of the library during the  Fall and Spring semesters. We encourage you to use this space responsibly and look after each other! 


  • Only currently enrolled UM students are permitted in the library building from midnight to 8 AM.
  • At closing time, all patrons will be asked to move to the ground floor and a library employee will check for valid student IDs. Any person refusing to show a UM ID must leave the library immediately.
  • UM students may enter the ground floor of the library after midnight by swiping their UM IDs. Do not, under any circumstances, allow others access to the library after hours. Allowing others into the space will be grounds to terminate access privileges.
  • There will be no library staff on duty after 12 AM. Library users are on video camera while in this space, and UM Police will conduct periodic walk-throughs. An emergency phone is located immediately outside the entrance to the ground floor.
  • Library users are expected to respect other library users and maintain appropriate behavior while in the library. Food and drink are allowed. Consumption of drugs or alcohol, smoking, or vaping are not permitted.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended in the library at any time. Carmichael Library is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • This area is intended to be a safe study space for students. Please keep each other safe. If you see something, say something.

Contact UM Police at 205-665-6155 for security issues or 911 for emergencies