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Open Educational Resources (OER): Find OER

Finding OER


The links below may provide excellent starting points as you search for resources, depending on what you are seeking. Please follow the tabs above to find more extensive lists of OER subject guides, courses, books, repositories, and multimedia formats.

1. Guides by Subject

2. Complete Textbooks

3. Complete Courses

4. Large Repositories

5. OER Search Engines

OER by subject / discipline guides

OER Books & Textbooks

Search Across Textbook Collections!

OER Courses

OER Repositories

Multimedia OER Collections

Need help with OER?

Carmichael Library can help you locate more information about OER, including where to find relevant resources.  Contact Charlotte Ford (by email or at 205-665-6100) or any of the other librarians at UM.  

We also welcome your suggestions for additional OER resources for this guide!

The UM Bookstore

The UM Bookstore is committed to helping faculty find and use OER that will work for them.  Barnes and Noble Courseware has been developed to support OER in various classes across disciplines.  Contact Ben Varner for more information (via email or by phone at 205-665-6575). 

This guide adapts and reuses major portions of the University of Pittsburgh and University of Illinois libraries' OER guides, with permission.