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Library Policies

Carmichael Library Donation/Gift Policy

Policy Statement

 The University of Montevallo, Carmichael Library greatly appreciates the generosity of individuals wishing to donate materials. There is a limited capacity to accept gifts of books, periodicals, films, manuscripts, and other materials for inclusion in the circulating collection, therefore, the Library reserves the right to decline any potential gift and is not obliged to return unsolicited materials.

Donations will be considered using the following criteria: a potential donation would strongly support the University’s curriculum, it would enhance the Library's mission, and/or it would augment the Library's collections in needed ways. Generally, the library will not accept the following:

  • Gifts to which the donor has attached conditions or restrictions
  • Materials which duplicate existing holdings
  • Mass media paperbacks, periodicals, or subscriptions
  • Photocopied materials or copies of original audio/video productions
  • Damaged, brittle, and/or materials affected by mildew or mold
  • Materials heavily marked by pen or pencil

Instructions for donors

Inquiries from potential donors are directed to the Head of Technical Services who, in consultation with appropriate parties and in accordance with the collection development policy, will determine whether the materials fit the scope of the Library.

Proposed gifts of archival-type materials such as photographs, personal papers, manuscripts, or rare and special books should be directed to the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian.

Inquiries concerning other kinds of donations, such as monetary contributions, endowment funding, bequests, and gifts of equipment should be directed to the Library Director.

Donations and Tax Benefits

By law, the library is unable to provide an appraisal of donations.

In recognition of a donor’s generosity, a bookplate will be placed in each item added to the collection. A letter of acknowledgement, including the number of items and format, will be provided to the donor. Donations given to the Library become the property of the University. Materials not selected for inclusion will be sold, donated, or discarded at the discretion of the Library. Proceeds from the sale of books directly benefit the Library. Delivery of gifts should be made only with prior arrangement.

If you are interested in making a donation, please complete the Material Gift Review Form.

Gift Policy Updated 1/2019