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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Welcome to Interlibrary Loan at Carmichael Library!

InterLibrary Loan allows you to widen your access to materials beyond what we provide at Carmichael through resource sharing with other libraries across the state, country  and world. We can help you locate the materials you need and assist you throughout the research process. 


If you are having trouble accessing a full-text e-article listed in our catalog, please call us at 205-665-6103 for assistance.

If you are a distance learning student from another university with privileges at UM, please call us at 205-665-6103 for support with account creation, full-text access through our catalog and making requests. 


**This page is currently under construction**

Place a Request

You must have an account with InterLibrary Loan in order to create an ILL request. 

Creating an Account:

  • You will need to set up an account if you have never placed a request with InterLibrary Loan before. Click on the "Create an Account" icon below.  Select the tab labeled "Create Account" and provide the information below.
  • Please provide your name, UM#, UM email and phone number for account verification purposes. Incomplete information can cause a delay in processing your ILL request. 
  • If you are a distance learning student from another university, please call us at 205-665-6103 to set up your account. 

Accessing an Established Account: 

  • Once you have set up an account you can access it by clicking the "Login" icon below. 



*Please note that we cannot process interlibrary loan requests for textbooks or course materials. These requests will be canceled in the system.

**This page is currently under construction**